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Our Services
We can recover
Motor homes
Semi Trucks
Small Aircraft
Our office staff is here to assist you from start to finish on every
account.  When you submit your account online or by fax it is
handled immediately by our front end assignment coordinators.  
Each address is thoroughly checked, entered into our system
and submitted to our agents in the field that very same day.  We
are also members of
RDN, Repo Systems and Prios and can
also accept assignments through these systems. Your
assignments are then sent to our account specialist in which
updates are entered in these systems in 24 hours or emailed to
you the client and updated weekly or set up to your preference.  
Skip Tracing
We hope the address you provide is a good address and your
collateral can be recovered quickly, but there are times that our
skip trace services may be needed.  Our skip tracer's use state
of the art skip tracing tools with access to many databases and
credit reporting agencies.  We can locate even the hardest to
find collateral using the most cost effective means available.  
Our Equipment
Our late model wheel lift trucks utilize Recovery Solutions
self-loading wheel lifts.  These trucks offer damage free towing
as they only touch the tires.  They are especially useful in the
city as the wheel lift can rotate 90 degrees to allow us to take
possession of vehicles that are paralleled parked.  This type of
wheel lift system is the fastest in the industry allowing us to
recover your unit in seconds.  
In addition to our wheel lift trucks we also have Rollback
Wreckers available.  These are especially useful for those
times when your collateral has suffered damage from a wreck
and can not be towed by regular wheel lift trucks or for those
high end units that can only be towed using a Rollback.  Most
companies do not own these Rollbacks but we are proud to
say we have several saving you money from having to hire a
third party to recover these units.
Collateral Storage
Upon Recovery, our office staff will have a condition report and
pictures processed and sent to you within 24 hours of
recovery.  Any personal property will be itemized, bagged,
tagged and stored in our secure indoor property storage area.  
Your unit is then stored on one our lots.  Each lot is secured
with a 10' chain link fence, security lights, motion detector
beams and camera's to make sure your collateral is fully
protected while it is in our possession.  We also have a full
time Locksmith available to make keys to any unit you require
per your approval.  Our professional locksmith specializes in
standard, VAT, PATS, Transponder and the new SMART keys.
Upon your written request our Transport department can
deliver your unit to any auction, dealership, salvage yard or
address you supply in the state of Georgia within several
days. They will make sure your unit is free of any property,
properly marked and will obtain a signed release stating your
unit was accepted and delivered for your records.
For your convenience, our Remarketing department can
obtain bids on your unit and handle the sale all free of
charge.  We can also hold a public auction here at our
Atlanta lot or submit bids from one of our private dealers.  
As you can see, we at National Vehicle Recovery are fully equipped and
ready to handle all of your repossession needs. Fast SERVICE, Friendly
SERVICE, Experienced SERVICE is what you will receive here with us.  
Our office staff is ready to assist you at any time.